Friday, May 17, 2013

Alkonost - Сказки Странствий [2013]

Folk/Black Metal - Russia

Lyrical theme(s): 
Fantasy, Folklore, Paganism

-In Slavic mythology, Alkonost (Алконост) is the goddess of the land of the dead. She is pictured as half-woman/half-bird.

-The band stands on non-political and anti-racist positions.


2.Два Меча05:12
3.Туманы Холодных Снов04:31
4.Сказки Странствий05:55
5.Подруга Ночь03:35
6.Земля Грёз04:08
8.Одиночество Моё04:33
9.The Eerie (Gods Tower cover)03:56

Quality: Vbr~256 Kbps
Size: 79 Mb 

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