Friday, November 9, 2012

Suffering Down - Misanthropic and Nihilist Dharma [2001]

Black/Death Metal - Spain

Lyrical theme(s): 
Doom, War, Misanthropy

Was originally known as 666 Astaroth when they started out.


1.Uffern (The Iced Hell)02:13 
3.The Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams03:09 
4.Autumn Mist03:56 
5.I'm the One Inside the Oak04:41 
6.Coldness of a Threat04:54 
7.For My Pleasant Abandonment01:50 
8.The Thinker03:46 
9.Misanthropic and Nihilist Dharma03:11 
10.An Onyric Experience04:08 
11.Beyond My Own Convictions05:02 
12.The Evil Seeds04:55 
13.Submissive to Heaven04:33 
14.The Virtue of Deceit04:39 
15.Quondam Mundinum?04:45 

Quality: 192 Kbps
Size: 82,3 Mb 

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