Monday, July 23, 2012

Pulmonary Fibrosis - Interstitial Lung Diseases [2011]

Gore/grind - France

Lyrical theme(s):
Disease, Sickness, Gore, Pathology, Perversion


1.Emanatcs from Your Erored Skin03:13
2.Entombed Relics of Malicious Art01:00
3.Emaciated Intraspinal Carnivorous Encyst02:34
4.Pyogenic Eroded Slaughtering01:31
5.Rancid Coprophagus Blits01:28
6.Lying on My Pits01:49
7.Rectal Spining Boiling Slaughter00:49
8.Excoriate Obscure Red Aflicctions02:02
9.In the Clubbing Clots01:58
10.Empathologic Rash01:09
11.Calcinating Burts02:05
12.Scrologic the Illiac Crest01:46
13.Slimy Liquid Enema Erupts & Cleams02:16
14.Consumed Cnawing Entrails02:02
15.Endoparasities In Placentic Fibras Wounded01:56
16.Asphyxiating Venipunctured Mess01:44
17.Cortex Beholds the Midian Flaps01:22
18.Torsion of the Severed Pro Lapse01:40
19.Interstitial Lung Diseases04:33

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Size: 32.28 Mb

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