Friday, July 27, 2012

Nahvalr - Nahvalr [2008]

Drone Black Metal/Ambient/Noise

"Nahvalr is Open-Source Black Metal. What does that mean? It means using the internet, using the solitude and separation caused by home recording and digital distribution, to bring together sounds, songs, and lyrics from dozens of artists, each working in complete ignorance of the other.
Collected, edited, and added to by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga (of Have A Nice Life), Nahvalr evolved from dozens of unconnected sound files into a shrieking whirlwind of noise, blasphemy, distortion, reverb, and evil. Distortion and noise are used as intruments; cacophany gives way to quiet ambience, ambience gives way to black-metal pounding and screaming, screaming gives way to mumbled singing and lo-fi buzz.
I mean, there’s buzz, and then there’s buzz; Nahvalr takes the tropes of the genre, the fuzz, the disturbing noises, the high whining riffs and blast-beat drums, and turns them up. It breaks my speakers. Loudness is the medium; distortion is the message. Both the music and the way in which it was recorded form a statement about the world, especially the modern world, the disconnected world.
Each song takes its assembled parts and creates something more; something no one could have created on their own, a piece unique to the digital anonymity we live with. Nahvalr makes technology terrifying." - Enemies List Home Recordings.

1.Chorus of the Blasphemes08:24
2.Blood Flood04:52  
3.There Isn't Anything14:34
5.Swallower of Bite08:21
6.The Witch Box07:07
7.Let them Eat Blood08:30  
8.Black Elk Speaks, Chokes and Dies09:52

Quality: 128 Kbps
Size: 60 Mb

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