Friday, July 13, 2012

Naer Mataron - ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ (Long Live Death) [2012]

Black/Death Metal - Greece

Lyrical Themes: 
Satanism, Antichristianity, Blasphemy, Occultism

After the release of two demos, "Tales of the Twelve Gods" and "The Awakening of Ancient Greece", the band split in two. The vocalist, Lord Alatoth, carried on with Nar Mataron, while guitarist Morfeas a.k.a. Unblessed II, with fellow Nar Mataron member Kaiadas, formed Naer Mataron.

Participated in the Celtic Frost Tribute ''Order of the Tyrants'' covering the song ''Return to the Eve''.


1.Long Live Death (Intro)00:50
2.Apocalypse of the Ancient One02:41
3.Sleepless Beings03:50
4.I am Lucifer, Messenger of your Death04:52
5.Goat Worship03:50
6.Faceless Wrath of Oblivion03:09
7.Parade into Centuries03:51
8.Whisper of Begotten Premonition03:48
9.The Cult of Doom and Dagger04:47
10.Ode to Death (The Way of All Flesh)05:02

Quality: 224 Kbps
Size: 59 Mb

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