Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay for Yesterdays [2012]

Avant-garde/Psychedelic Black Metal - United Kingdom

Lyrical theme(s):
Philosophy, Abstract Themes, Life


1.Directionless Resurrectionist03:13
2.Prey Tell of the Church Fate07:27
3.A Prophet for a Pound of Flesh10:11
4.The Blight of God's Acre06:09
5.Man's Laughter03:00
6.The Underside of Eden08:14
7.Gatherer of the Pure08:20
8.Left Behind as Static06:43
9.Corvus Corona (Part 1)03:15
10.Corvus Corona (Part 2)06:13
11.Dead Love05:47

Quality: Vbr~268 Kbps
Size: 131 Mb

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  1. If you enjoy this music and this band then please pay for an album - without fans actually buying the albums A Forest of Stars can't continue to make the music you enjoy.