Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Atalyja - Saula Riduolela [2009]

Folk/Folk Rock - Lithuania

Atalyja (“The rain is coming”) is a Lithuanian folk-rock music band. It seeks to popularize archaic Lithuanian folklore and bring the ancient songs closer to the contemporary listener. The band's creations boast a big variety of musical styles, rich tonal palette and unique and ingenious arrangements. The ancient melodies are enriched with elements of rock, jazz, funk, blues rock, metal and Indian music. Atalyja regularly participates in music festivals and fests. The band has released 4 CD albums and gave performances in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic and Russia.


1.Zemaitiu Ruoks03:31
2.Siaurum Vejum04:30
3.Saules Asara04:59
4.Saula Riduolela05:30
5.Bassutartine (Rasa Krito)02:14
7.Cedabrene Verbalele05:04
9.Dobilutelis               06:57
10.Uz Giriu Giriu                           04:19
11.Egles Uzkeikimas04:07
12.Ruta Zalioj               05:30

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