Thursday, March 29, 2012

Khristenn Corpse - Grotesque [2011]

Black Metal - Venezuela

Lyrical Themes:  
Masochism, Gore, Witchcraft, Pornography

The band describes themselves as "Melodic Porn Black Metal".


1.Erotic Transmigrations01:39 
2.Impure Sex Devotion04:19 
3.Dawn for the Unglory01:15 
4.Eroticult Goreholocaust06:14 
5.A Pornsence Origins03:04 
6.The Merrick Postlude06:31 
7.Ages of Laethoras05:32 
8.Nacht Labyrinth03:50 
9.The Apostle of the Sacred Death03:46 
10.Deep Heaven Extintion04:19 

Quality: 128 Kbps
Size: 46,6 Mb

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