Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fuck Off and Die! - Sociopathic Regression [2012]

Black/Thrash Metal - Lithuania

Lyrical Themes:  
Anti-Social, Alcohol, Blasphemy, Antipacifism

One of the best 2012 releases so far.


1.Pulse of Self Destruction pt.101:37  instrumental
2.An instant of Martyrdom03:09
3.Sociopathic Regression01:32
4.Crescendo of Apocalypse02:37
5.Self Destructional Vomit01:41
6.Lithuanian Madness02:02
7.To Destroy Everything That I Created02:08
8.Pulse of Self Destruction pt.200:54  instrumental
9.Pink Emptiness01:22
10.No Future No Sense03:25
11.Soldier of Disgust01:26
12.25 Scars00:53
13.Roots of Misanthropy04:02
14.Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels [Silencer cover]06:19
15.Pulse of Self Destruction pt.300:56  instrumental
16.Fists of Solitude01:57
17.Un Campo Di Sterminio e Solo Due Persone05:16

Quality: Vbr~258 Kbps
Size: 74,3 Mb

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