Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crowbar - Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form [2001]

Sludge Metal - U.S.A.

Lyrical Themes:
Personal Struggles, Life Hardships

The best Crowbar's album in my opinion. 




1.The Lasting Dose04:12  
2.To Build a Mountain03:58  
3.Thru the Ashes (I've Watched You Burn)04:43  
5.Repulsion in Its Splendid Beauty03:58  
6.Counting Daze03:54  
7.In Times of Sorrow02:38  instrumental
8.It Pours from Me05:05  
9.Suffering Brings Wisdom05:27  
10.Failure to Delay Gratification03:07  
11.Empty Room04:52  

Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 108,5 Mb

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  1. Hello, the link was deleted, can you re-upload this album again?

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