Friday, August 12, 2011

Goatmoon - Varjot [2011]

Black Metal - Finland

Lyrical theme(s):
Satanism, Hatred, Winter

Also appeared on the "Metal On Metal III" compilation CD (500 copies, Bestial Burst/Metal Warning/Primitive Reaction, 2009) with the track "Irstauden Alttari".


1.Storming Through White Light05:37
2.Noidan verestä männikkö herää03:52
3.Quest for the Goat03:29
4.Varjo valolta suojelee04:37
5.Valley of Shadows03:35
6.Wolven Empress02:57
7.Abomination of Winter04:31
8.Echoes of Eternity05:29

Quality: Vbr~256 Kbps
Size: 62,2 Mb

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