Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grimlair - Self - Inflicted State [2011]

Depressive Black Metal - France

Lyrical theme(s):
Misanthropy, Death, Depression, Suffering

Started as Morke (Fra).
The band contributed a track to the various artists "Tribute to Sarmak" CD.
The band is featured on the "Burzum Tribute Attakk" compilation CD with a cover of "Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn."

Grimlair also participated in 6-way split CD “Suicide Reflections” together with: Leichenstätte, Moloch (Ukr), Nostalgia (Per), Hörgr, Todessucht. Released by Self Mutilation Services Records (Mexico) in 2009. Ltd. to 500 copies.

2.On the Throne of Lie06:28
3.Lethargy I10:06
4.Lethargy II11:54
5.Lethargy III09:15
6.Constant Trauma03:02
Total playing time50:37

Quality: VBR~270 Kbps
Size: 72,3 Mb

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