Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nokturnal Mortum - Twilightfall [Demo 1995]

Folk Symphonic Black Metal - Ukraine

Lyrical theme(s):
Slavonic Paganism/Folklore, NS, Nature, Society

Current line-up:
Knjaz Varggoth (Eugeny Gapon) - Vocals, Guitar, Folk Instruments (1994-) (Lucifugum (Ukr), Suppuration (Ukr), Crystaline Darkness, Aryan Terrorism, Warhead (Pol/Ukr), Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra, Vetche, Piorun, Temnozor)
Saturious - Keyboards, Folk Instruments (1996-) (Finist, Vetche, Lucifugum (Ukr), Piorun, Anthropolatri, Conquest (Ukr), Khors, Aryan Terrorism, Temnozor, Astrofaes, Munruthel)
Vrolok - Bass (2000-) (formerly Guitars) (Runes of Dianceht)
Astargh - Guitar (2007-) (Astargh)
Bairoth - Drums (2009-) (Astargh)

Varggoth - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Warterax - Lead Guitar
Xaarquath - Bass
Sataroth - Keyboards
Munruthel - Drums

Recorded and mixed by O.Levchenko, A.Vakulenko and Nokturnal Mortum at
SMS-Factory during 1994-1995.

Originally released under the name Nocturnal Mortum; version as Nokturnal Mortum

"Where Rivers Flow Into The Seas" is also a bonus track on the tape version
"Goat Horns".

Re-released in 2004 on CD by Oriana Productions with different cover art

Guest :
Tatiana Gapon - Female Vocals

1.The Unnothingles From Beyond (Siseneg)02:33
2.Autumn Opposition09:53
3.The Crying Of Ukraine (Cry of Ukraina)07:12
4.Where Rivers Flow Into The Seas03:10
5.Glass Coffin07:06
6.On The Wings Of Scarlet Sunset08:16
7.Oriana (Waterfall Of Twilight)01:06
8.Dark Flower Of Temptation08:10
9.Tnematset Wen: Nocturnal Mortum03:18
Total playing time50:44

Quality: 256 Kbps
Size: 92,4 Mb

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