Thursday, January 27, 2011

Raven Dark - Ruler's Age [Best of/Compilation 2004]

NS Black Metal - Russia

Lyrical theme(s):
Wotanism, NS, Anti-judeo-christianity

Last known line-up:
Ulv Gegner Irminsson - Guitar, bass, vocals, acoustic guitar (Wotansjolv, Forest (Rus), Velimor, Vargleide, Sternatis, Nitberg) (R.I.P. 1975 - October 23rd 2005, murder)
Kaldrad - Session vocals (Forest (Rus), Nitberg, Temnozor, Sternatis, Vargleide, Woods of Fallen, Vandal, Branikald)
Wizard - Drums (Branikald, Rundagor)

Raven Dark is a Part of The BlazeBirth Hall, along with;
Branikald, Forest (Rus), Nitberg, Rundagor, Vargleide, Wotansjolv & Yggrassil.

Tracks 1-3, 6, 7 were recorded in 2000 for the unfinished "The Dreams Of Baldr"
album by Wotansjolv (tracks 3 and 6 didn't even make it to the album).
Tracks 4 and 5 were recorded in 1995.

THR says: "During track 4 of Raven Dark - Rulers Age CD album, there is some
static (clicking) noise present, that goes into the track and then fades out,
and is somewhat present for the rest of the album, the same static noise is
found on the master I have here, so it should be there, even though it has been
mixed more up front on this final cd production. SO if there is any complaints
you should know that this is the way it will sound. So if you are picky about
PERFECT sound, you better buy something else."

Tape version of "Ruler's Age" does not have any sound problems.

1.Chariot Fates of Tragedy06:23
2.Flames of Life, Heights of Life05:33
3.In the Opening of Sig03:23
6.In the Last Ray03:15
7.To the Storm of Blood07:46
Total playing time37:18

Quality: 192 Kbps
Size: 53,3 Mb

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