Monday, June 18, 2012

The Music of Nietzsche, Vol. 2

"This second volume of compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche begins with works he wrote in 1864, just before his twentieth birthday. During this year, he completed his schooling and commenced studies in philology and theology at the University of Bonn. It was the most productive year in his career as a composer, at least if one considers the quantity of finished works. These include his only completed piece of chamber music, a fantasy for violin and piano, and a song cycle. With the beginning of his university studies, his desire to express himself through music diminished. During his studies in Bonn and later in Leipzig, he wrote only a few occasional compositions: one song, a few small choral works, and some incomplete sketches for larger works. His connection with music took another, more fateful turn through his encounter with Richard Wagner. It was in Leipzig, in November 1868, that Nietzsche met Wagner for the first time. The ensuing friendship with the master and his wife became a matter of pivotal importance for his life, and really provided the impetus for his literary career. On his further development as a composer, however, this relationship seems to have had little influence. After a hiatus of several years during which Nietzsche did not write music at all, there followed a relatively short period, between 1871 and 1874, when he again took up composition. At that time, he had established himself as Professor of Philology at the University of Basel."


1.Eine Sylvesternacht, for violin and piano01:58
2.Nachspiel, for voice & piano02:24
3.Nachspiel, for voice & piano02:05
4.Ständchen, for voice & piano02:47
5.Unendlich, for voice & piano04:59
6.Verwelkt, for voice & piano 03:44
7.Ungewitter, for voice & piano15:45
8.Gern und gerner, for voice & piano03:59
9.Das Kind an die erloschene Kerze, for voice & piano               02:17
10.Es winkt und neight sich, for voice & piano           02:39
11.Die Junge Fischerin, for voice & piano                    02:20
12.O weint um sie, for choir & piano02:43
13.Herbstilch sonnige Tage, for choir & piano                   02:19
14.Adel ich muss nun gehen, for male chorus01:23
15.Das Fragment an sich01:09
16.Kirchengeschichtliches Responsorium01:34

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