Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Tide - Rain Without End [1997]

Melodic Doom/Death Metal - Sweden

Former/past member(s)
Jonas Renkse - Drums, Guitars, Vocals (1995-1999) (Katatonia (Swe), Bloodbath (Swe))
Mårten Hansen - Vocals (1999) (Votur, A Canorous Quintet, The Plague (Swe), This Ending, Sins of Omission)
Jonas Kjellgren - Session Bass (2009-2010) (Scar Symmetry, Pexilated, Centinex, World Below, Carnal Forge, Dellamorte)
Johan Jansson - Live Bass

Current line-up
Tobias Netzell - Vocals (2009-) (In Mourning, Contortion (Swe), Volturyon)
Fredrik Norrman - Guitar (1995-), Bass (1995-1999) (Uncanny (Swe), Katatonia (Swe), Fulmination)
Emil Alstermark - Guitar (2009-)
Pierre Stam - Bass (2010-) (In Mourning)
Robin Bergh - Drums (2009-) (Amaran, Pipers Dawn)

1.12 Days of Rain06:43
3.All Painted Cold05:45
5.Losing Tomorrow02:35
6.Blue Gallery05:43
7.Infinite Submission05:36
Total playing time39:12

Quality: 192 Kbps
Size: 53,4 Mb

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